2020 Diwali Celebrations

Nearly a billion people worldwide participate in the Diwali celebration and almost a dozen countries officially recognize it as an official holiday. Dozens of cities across the United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK also have significant celebrations, dazzling both religious observers and casual passers-by. Despite the holiday’s increasingly global reach, many unfamiliar with the holiday are still unsure of its origins and significance.

Diwali’s cultural travel has allowed it to reach people from various national and linguistic backgrounds. As a result of Indian migration, people in nations as different as Singapore and Trinidad and Tobago celebrate the holiday. They observe their rituals and share their rich traditions.

The festival holds particular significance for each group, but it more than anything signifies the triumph of good over evil as well as truth and knowledge.

Meeting people, sharing food, preparing special recipes, and fireworks are also common during Diwali Celebration.

To all those participating in IDA Diwali Celebration in 2020, the team at IDA looks forward to celebrating this festival that means so much to so many the world over.